Tea and your health

How a daily cup of tea may improve your health

1. Tea contains antioxidants

Antioxidants work to prevent the body’s version of rust and thus help to keep us young and protect us from damage from pollution.

2. Tea has less caffeine than coffee

Herbal blends have no caffeine, while traditional teas have less than 50 percent of what typically is found in coffee. That means you can consume it without those pesky effects on your nervous system, says Leslie Bonci, nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice.

3. Tea may reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke

“There’s a lot of literature out there on tea and heart health, “This is a health effect for which there is the strongest evidence.”

4. Tea may help with weight loss

Research on this isn’t as strong, Ardine says, adding that studies that have shown an effect have depended on consumption of large amounts of tea, often in pill form.

5. Tea may help protect your bones

Data from recent animal studies has shown that green tea may prevent bone loss.

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  1. Muriel says:

    I just tried your Everest Snowfall Green tea- amazing
    flavor , suttle and refreshing with a sweet under tone.
    Love the fact that I can re brew 2-3 more times and achieve the same taste each time ! Congratulations on your recent award in the Melbourne convention tea exhibition. You certainly have teas worthy of this award. Looking forward to more tea from you in the future. – Muriel Webb

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